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This is a personalised process focusing on your individual journey and current needs and desires. In this process you will achieve a greater sense of self-awareness, inner vision and empowerment.  We will explore elements of the unconscious mind and subconscious to gain a deeper understanding of oneself.

I emphasise the important of integration and having a holistic perspective ie inclusion of all of our parts  mind, body, and spirit on our way to evolution and growth. 

 Through personal mentoring, individuals can develop a stronger sense of purpose, intimacy and meaning internally and externally.



A relationship is a dynamic interplay between individuals who come together with an intention for union. It is a co-creation where both partners can explore their desires, vulnerabilities, and emotions.


A relationship is an ever evolving entity as are we as individuals. Internal and external evolution and change can require support and guidance. Life can be surprise us in many ways and sometimes we require external guidance.  

Relationship support can assist in creating a greater sense of harmony and synergy in our lives and vision for how we want to live. 



Somatic therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on the connection between the mind and body. It aims to help individuals release physical tension and emotional stress through various techniques such as movement, touch, and breathwork.

This is a hybrid practice of Eastern and Western concepts. There can be an array of responses including experiencing old memories arising, joy, laughter, bliss, grief, sadness and greater sense of the self. Overall, somatic therapy can be incresilbly moving and powerful. It has the capacity to increase our presence in life and awareness of our internal landscape.  



Astrology is an alternative model for understanding our human reality. Our life has meaning that’s deeper than both science and our psyche. Determining the patterns, intruiging correlations and symbolism, we can access more insight, beauty and meaning, making it possible to move through cycles and  periods of major change and transformation with greater awareness and ease.

The birth chart is not the randomly allotted prison-structure of our inexorable fate, but can be seen rather as defining the basic structure of our potential unfolding- suggesting the personal gifts and trials that we have chosen for this lifetime to work with and evolve through (Tarnas, R).

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