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The body is a vessel, a power source, an incredible work of art made up millions of  cells, atoms, exquisite systems of connection and communication to create YOU and your experience unique experience. The body encases our heart, our soul, our memories, the capacity to feel and be. 

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Our senses and our soma offer us a playground. The skin is the largest organ and this is where we do most of our work.  This is the medium through which we experience the world, connection, relating, intimacy and sensuality. 


Emotions are felt strongly in the heart as well as physically. Our human experience is meant to be a state of sentient embodiment. This is what will be reawakened and remembered in our sessions.  Empowerment and true inner knowing of this visceral ancient wisdom that connects us to all and self. 

This is a shamanic journey as well a transpersonal, somatic experience. You will learn to refine and enhance your senses, to refine the capacity to feel and experience sensuality in a deeper way. You will be lead towards your own power and boundlessness.


There will be opportunity to learn about the layers of self, especially in the realms of eros and relating.  This is really something that we should have been taught at school or from our parents or mentors. The foundations and higher levels of EI- EROTIC INTELLIGENCE.  


I am passionate about guiding you on the journey, into activating your senses with aliveness- this is already within you. Sensualise your experience of life, embrace every moment to its entirety. This process will positively out pour and ripple into your relationships, purpose, creativity and engagement with the world around you ✣ 

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